I am the intensity


Wake up.

Pray to Gods.

Brush teeth.

Wash body.

Groom body.

Dress – jeans, t-shirt, Cloak of Shadows.

Eat breakfast – Eggs, bacon, toast, Elixir of Elvenwood.

Quest hard.

Sleep well.


The most magical mesh tank-top in the world


Little holes let the soft wind blow through the fabric in order to massage the skin and make it sing. Is it hot out? Muggy even? I don’t care, because I am garbed yet not garbed. I am clothed but also nude. This I share with you. My flesh, my comfort level, my everything.

Eyes like fine corndogs


At night when the soul is seeking whispers in the dark, I lay there, eyes open, flesh all out and sweaty, all in and questing hard. Where are the whispers? Are they hiding? Why? Do they not know my skin and spirit and organs and bones and whiskers wish for their silky pleasures? For their slithery knowledge? Where are the whispers in the dark? Come out of the shadows and tickle me sweet and deep. Let’s do this.