The day they forgot to restock the buffet

dina-gadia-filipinas-zupi-6I have a hard time dealing with sadness. Probably because it makes me cry. So I try and look at the bright side of things or at least the less dim side or whatever side is not completely bathed in terrible darkness. Like when I went to the store to get some toilet paper but they were all out of toilet paper so instead I bought a newspaper and when I got home and was getting all set up to deuce the goose I was reading the newspaper to get the news update which can be pleasant in its own way but sometimes it can be a little ruff and right there on page seven was this story about how at a local smorgasbord they had run out of Swedish meatballs and it looked like the restaurant was going to HAVE TO CLOSE but then the local Swedish embassy heard the terrible news and stepped in and donated all their spare meatballs and the restaurant got to STAY OPEN and that’s when I noticed I was crying but these weren’t tears of sadness they were tears of joy. That, I can deal with.


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