Large Halcyon Collider

Scary-Clowns“Dude,” said the scientist in the denim overalls, “these atoms be smiling.”
“I hear that science, chum,” said the technician, while inside he was digging the feel of his fresh tightie-whities, “says here we’ve got these little guys really toasting.”
“Can’t you just smell the happiness?”
“Smell it, and raise you one more,” undies cooed, “I’m tasting it.”
“Damn,” Doc Dungarees said, licking at the air like an ape-tongued child in an ice cream canoe, “gotta be gluon seepage.”
The be-briefed tech nodded, consulted a monitor on a control board, made a notation on his clipboard, looked to his atomic compadre, and said, “we’d better check the accelerator seals, and then hit the bar.”
“Sign off on the seals then crush some beers.”


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