Brown Bag & The Booger Boarder

20-of-the-funniest-strip-club-names-3Once upon a time, there was these two dudes, right? Yeah, there was. And they was all the way cool, as in thick as tight and slick as chowder, and they were really hype all over town, right? Right. So, one day, they was doing their thing. What thing is that? Well, let me tell you. Their thing was to get greasy in these corduroy ball-huggers and strut around the town bring smiles to the faces of children and fogies alike. You should of seen it. It was swell as sweet could honey well be. Peach fuzz glee and wrinkled gladness all around. Man, those were the days. But then, GENTRIFICATION! And you all know the rest of the story…


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