I cannot spell GENIUS without US

She stepped to the podium.

“Hello. Great to be here. Greater to see you all here. Greatest that we’re all here. Isn’t it? I sure think it is. You go ahead and think it, too, because that’s alright with me. And it should be alright with you. And if it isn’t that’s alright, too. It’s been such an honour and a privilege and a hell of lot of work–the good work, mind you–to get here to this place where I am here with you all and you’re all here with me and we’re all here together and it’s great and all and I mean that sincerely–about how great it is and the honour and the privilege and the HELLA HARDA WORKA–ha , sorry, that’s for y’all in da back, yo! No, seriously it is, for everyone in the back, and the front, too, and the middle and over on the sides there, you folks can feel it as well, because we are all here and it is great. Because together me and you and I and us and all, well, what are we if we are not great? Well, I’ll tell you. We’re just lumps on a log in some woods that are scheduled for clear-cutting. We’re just future pulp to be mushed into paper that’ll be printed with lies and then balled up and thrown in the trash and buried in a landfill for eons to come. So you tell me? Is that who you want any of us all to be? No way, Lasagn-yay. You can take that cannelloni and stuff it with an eggroll and roll it in a tortilla and batter it up and fry it in the oil of I DON’T THINK SO. Get me? Damn straight. WE ARE US! Understand? T to the O to the GETH to the ERRRRRRRRRRRR! Tiger wolf scorpion brain freedom cow cobra dolphin shark barbecue picnic! Am I right? I AM! And so are you. Because we all are. All right. Alright. Right. Right right right. Say it with me. Say it to yourself. Say it together. But just keep saying it, okay? And never, ever take your foot off the prize. Great. Thanks. Have a gooder.”


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