All Aboard the Motion Lotion Locomotive Emotion Express!

Next stop, the ambrosial vibrations of the most redolent station on this sticky sugar coated line. How sweet is that? You sir, one guess. Uh huh. That’s right. PRETTY SWEET! Margie, get the gentlemen a buttered biscuit. Now, this trains about to roll and when I say roll I mean freakin’ roll, you dredge me? So keep your crud wired tight AT ALL TIMES. Because if any one of you party train neophytes comes to me while we’re rolling hard and inquires about their crud, well, just let me say that i will say that I said that we were freaking rolling. REMEMBER? You sir, do you remember? Remember what? What I just said about what I said about saying how we roll. Well, so? Good, okay, you do. He does. So, how’s your crud? Wired tight? Uh huh. Uh huh. SO FREAKNG WIRE IT. TIGHT! Jalooey kablooey, does not one of you carnival clowns understand that you are on the soul sonic super conveyance from the sensual side of the Galaxy? This is the freaking Sweatmaster Express. No stopping til we get all up inside the heavy pink. You dredge? Sir? Yes, you. Again. You dredge? Uh huh. Uh huh. Whazzathaheaveepink? You want me to throw you off this train right now? Because I freaking will. Throw you off. Into the night. Where the creatures prowl. At midnight. Dredge? Good. And for the love of dead wife stop asking stoopid questions. Still, good question, so to answer, the heavy pink is that section of the dimension of the universe where the moistest, best most well-stocked buffet of the freaking erotic gods is. Dredge it now? You do? Great. That’s great. Well, anyway. That’s pretty much it. The dining car is at the front of the train. The panorama car is in the rear. You should all know where your cabins are by now. Otherwise, just sit back and enjoy the freaking journey. My name is Ramon. And I’m your conductor. Stay funky. Stay fresh.


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