All Hail the Hoi Polloi!


Most gentle dirtbags, unite thee with those myriad other pieces of shit that grease the gutters of this fair world. Stinking up the place with their foul and noxious windy thoughts, their dumb ideas and sweet, sweet ignorance.
Take the soiled masses in your filthy arms and hold them tightly to you, warming their stupid brows with sullied kisses and your bad breath.
They are you, sleazewad, and you are they.
One and all.
Sick and disgusting and as stupid as a stripped screw.
Open the pigpen you call a heart and let in the dung-like love of all the other skidwipes and turdchews that are stinking up the place.
Bathe and be bathed in the undivided and unanimous adulation of the countless scores of downtrodden chunks of living manure that defile the universe and make it that much tougher to simply get around.
Rejoice, oh tender greaseball, and be merry and all that corny jazz, coadunating with all the other dipsticks like a toxic swamp full of love and filth and blighted vermin.
Hands held high, hearts joined, buttholes puckered, raise high the roof beam of the universe and shoot the sloppy moon and bask in the eternal glow of stupid stinkery that we all are.


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