Lone Wolf with pony tail

I’m a Lone Wolf and I need a hair-do to match because when it is on and I am in it my hair had better look good so I went to the cuttist and said, “I’m a Lone Wolf and I need a hair-do to match.” She said, “I can dig it, baby, ’cause when it’s on and you’re in it you’ve gotta look good.” And I said, “And that’s why I came to you.” And she said, “I can dig that, too, because you’re a Lone Wolf.” And I said, “That I am.” And she sat me down in that chair and ran those fingers through my chocolate locks, and she nodded her head, and pulled my beautiful hair back behind my head and put a rubber band around it and said, “done.” And I looked in the mirror. And it was a pony tail. PONY TAIL! And a single tear with the emotional weight of billion newlyweds slid down my cheek and I jumped out of the chair and howled, “LONE WOLF!”
Because that’s what I am. And that pony tail was the last piece of the puzzle that when it was finished was a gorgeous portrait of a beautiful renegade that was me, because I am a Lone Wolf and then later that night I went to the club with my sick new hair-do and I hit the dance floor and the d.j. turned off the music and the spot light blazed on me and all eyes were on me including but not limited to the people in the VIP and I laid it on the line:
bones and sticks
can’t hurt me none
like a name
yelled in the heat of the war
hot piss and urine
used by the soldiers
to make soup
because they don’t got no hot water
and at night in dreams
making love to rampagers that
dance in the legislature
don’t look at me like that
because it’s no me
no, it’s

Yeah, I said my poem and the crowd at the club went nuts. And while I know my lyrical slamdown was dope, let’s not throw any shade on the sweetness of my pony tail. Because I’m a Lone Wolf. But you can call me “Eddy Bone.”

I am the eloquence

Theys has them hurtful boom tunes blurtin out them hateful pump boxes down on them beach where them naked weirdos do theys sex dances and theys dont seem a give a single care about the FACT that there a school with CHILDREN not more an twenty six miles away and you tell me how its fair a that THEY get all angered up if you call them out on it and theys say its ART and listen I dont think they seen art cause if theys think that that sicko naked music dancing theys call ART is art then I am confused cause as if thats even a actual thing cause I seen art afore and it aint that no way no purple penuses wagging in the plain air in front a my face when I seen it but sure now a big thick roger johnson done up like a electric torpedo for all to see is art and you wanna let it all out there on the beach with theys kids right THERE twenty six miles like they could smell the stench in theys school and now I ask you how or when kids dont need a know bout a penus or ladyhole ever I think if you wanna really imagine what makes the world so sick is all a penus and them with them boobs and the menstratin in public and the hardcore PORNO dances all over the beach and in the schools and in the legislature with the politics and the ECONOMY AND THE QUALITY OF A THEM HOT WINGS OVER AT BUZZERS SPORTS BAR WHICH COST $1 EACH ONE AND AINT EVEN HOT!!! SHAME!!!!! GET A NEW SAUCE!!!!!