Diphthong Sing-a-Long

2017-New-Elephant-Thong-Men-s-G-String-Thong-Novelty-Sexy-Penis-Pouch-Funny-Underwear-FashionThinging my thing, wearing my thong, thinging along with thing-a-long thong, thing-a-ling, thong-a-long, thinging along with my favourite thong, strings so thin up the crack of my ass, then I broke the string, cause I had bad gas, thing all night, thing all day, thing a thong, thing this way, thing at the moon, thong so tight, thing-a-ling the thong of light, things for supper and breakfast too, thing thing thong I thing for you, ain’t got tanlines on my cheeks cause my thongs so thin, covers my balls so they don’t get burned, cause the suns so bright it like flaming worms, crawling through the dirt of life, thing thongs in darkest light, the worms are friends to birds and fish, like the thong to my thick, tube so smooth cause my tube is smooth, thickness things the thong-a-dong, my thing is thick and thong is long, thuper duper thuper thude, long live my thuper tube!