Moisture Flesh:The Dance, a poem by fartbutt6378

Toe tip down
Twirl around
Rub it in
The cream that is
Shrug and shudder
To the rhythm
Of the cream
Essential oils
Body butter arabesque
Jazz walk schasse
And Milky plasm
Pretend there’s a puddle
Don’t get wet
Now you’re chocolate
Blood nougat
Flail like canola
In the wind
Now it’s broken
Wind that is
Fingers eyes knees
Get weak
Drop to the floor
You are the reek
Temps levè
Body’s a fridge
Contains emotions
Chill the feelings
Rub in the lotion
Penchè nastè
Do the balogna
Do the spam
Do the salami
Now the canned ham
You are the moon
Lenitive on high
You are the dance
Unction Swish split


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