You can’t spell funeral without FUN

“Wherever he may be now in his final resting place his gorgeous soul has touched us all.”


“R to the I to the motherfucking P.”

“Damn straight.”

“Dennis sure was a good dude.”

“He sure is, wherever he is.”

“Takin’ it easy in the Grand Inevitable, Dennis-style.”

“He’s up there swimming in the big wave pool in the sky.”

“Riding that heavenly rollercoaster.”

“Eating that eternal nacho platter.”

“Yup. Probably just gorging on ’em not sharing a single chip with them other heavenly beings.”

“Damn straight. Dude was greedy for the greasey.”

“He’s God’s problem now.”

“Double damn straight. Hope he’s got plenty of air freshener.”

“Man, that guy had some nasty ass gas.”

“And breath to match.”

“Had to stop inviting him to parties awhile ago, for obvious reasons.”

“Same reasons they wouldn’t let him in to attend church service.”

“Or the 7-Eleven.”

“He still owed me a hundred bucks.”

“He still owed me for that kidney.”

“To hear him talk you’d think HE invented fried chicken.”

“Fucking guy had nerve.”

“Way too much fucking nerve.”

“And way over way too much goddamn fuck-ass stink-ass ass-gas.”

“I pray he’s in hell with a horrible skin condition.”


“With a fuckin’ A.”

Are YOU safe from GLADIATORS?! (Short answer: NO!!!)

So, like everyone else out there, you’re just an everyday ordinary person going about your everyday ordinary day doing your everyday ordinary stuff, eg:

Little do you realize just how freaking close you are–TO THIS!!!


Because YOU are NOT SAFE from GLADIATORS. And the GOVERNMENT and the PAPISTS and the TERRORISTS and the MEDIA and BIG PHARMA and the OIL INDUSTRY and SILICON VALLEY and the ATHEISTS and the GAYS do NOT want YOU to KNOW the TRUTH!

That freaking gladiators are freaking real and they are out there chopping the heads off of CHILDREN and ELDERLY WOMEN in order to entertain emotionless, under-sexed, stimulation JUNKIES on the INTERNET!

What can you do to protect yourselves and your loved ones?


But together we MUST–



Stay SAFE.

Weird Flex but OK 2099 A.D.

FYI I’ve been a little lazy lately on with psionic-blog because my cat’s got FIP 😦
But I promised myself I’d get back to posting regularly as per government life sharing regulation 8-13/22b and also because I really just have to share my latest life experience and my newest (and best) BIG IDEA! (as always please feel free to use this idea and experience for your own life channel and beam in the comments how it went 🙂
So, today I got up extra early this morning so I could channel the trans-dimensional alt-moon energy into my nutrient console and was able to juice the quarks to such an excited state that my post-keto-friendly nutrient-sludge nudged itself sub-atomically into flavour-plasma. Then, I smoothed this supplement-sludge onto my face-skin (under my body shield LOL) and let it ooze its way through my pores so that I got that quantum glow plus my daily government mandated calorie load while merging my consciousness with the government mandated Nth degree spatial entity giving me a total body/mind/spirit/data flow state all for less than $16!!!
Well, that’s all for now. So long from just another particle in the society cloud,
Dennis 😉
Here’s how it turned out. Did someone say YUMMMMY? (you bet I did!)