Brown Neon: from the diary of Tad Friend “sexxing”

finally broke down.  hit the district of lonely effing hearts.  any love, even electric, would be something at this point.  so there i am.  down there. and when you are down there, it is very hard to even begin to figure how to choose, let alone actually make a freaking choice.  this model does this.  this model does that.  this model does this and that.  is that what i want?  or is this?  i see many of our products down here, more than others, the board would be happy to know that.  i steer away from anything i may find down at the office, they always say you shouldn’t dip your pen in the company  ink.  even if you did invent the company ink and probably hand-built its prototype some time back down the road.  my loins win and i finally plug into a sleek and simple sino-systems job i remember from the synlife expo a couple few years ago.  i don’t crave flesh because it’s all in my soul.  the dark.  so i get it to shed its skin and i run my hands over its skeleton.  the alloy isn’t cold like you would think, warmed by its powerplant.  it feels.  feels nice.  i feel. something. a first in a long while. the program runs.  runs itself over my body.  runs itself into and onto me and me into and onto it.  the dark becomes grey.  i feel that.  another first in that same long while.  damn. it finishes the routine and powers down and the glow in its eyes dims as it releases me from it and i slump down onto the floor.  feeling.  not bad.  i should not get in the habit.  but i probably will. i excel at bad habits. imagine that.

Footlong with mustard and just as in love.

A beautiful bun long in the caboose

Inside it cradles a steaming wiener

Twelve inches of steaming emotion

Which is made of a myriad of meats

So many varieties

Crushed together

Like a cup of water

at the bottom of the deepest sea


A Lot



Fills it so hard and tight that:

You can make love to it like it was a wet and ready rubber doll you bought through the mail.

It will never let you go.

Nor you it.


Hot dog.


And life.

Grip it.