Apparently religion is the answer.

Season of the dance

Night of the wizard

Year of the attitude

All of them bad.

Capital b triple a capital d

My body moves like a van on a midnight run, the rhythm takes control

A westerly wind blowing the sails of my being

One leg up foot plant spin crouch EXPLODE

“I am a star. A mover who moves at the speed of the beat of the heart that houses the soul of the solar system.”

You heard me.

I’m back on my feet shuffle back sideslide fingers gently tickle the air

“Ye are one. Ye are the glory.”

I am the cleaners that folds you like laundry. So don’t forget your chit.

Gravity heavy I slump to the floor limbs splaying slithering writhing

Beams of plasma!

Sonic lava!

Squeezing to feel the ripeness of the apple!

I am an orange!

I am the only one that rhymes with me!

Put me up on the peak of the mountain you surrender to.

After a period you can climb on up ask me for advice.

It’ll only cost $500.

A bargain at twice the price.

The sun rises.

The dance concludes.

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